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Responsible: Gianfranco Fabbio



CRA-SEL Centre, County: Arezzo, Country: Italy


Objectives of the infrastructure

Provide long-term information of forest management experimental sites established by CRA.


Description of the infrastructure

The forest management monitoring database aims - through experimental method – to assess the long-term dynamics of forest systems, the comparison of differentiated or alternative theses, allowed to test their suitability and evaluate their effectiveness in terms of bio-ecology, economics, societal expectations, rural development. Monitoring these trials resulted in the updated knowledge of systems’ dynamics, in being able to address forest policy, decision-making and to provide yet the reference for a silvicultural practice consistent to different forest types and contexts.


Services currently offered by the infrastructure

The infrastructure can provide long-term observation information on forest management effect in Mediterranean forests in terms of:

  • Growth responses.
  • Ecological dynamics.
  • Forest structure changes.
  • Other forest attributes.



Intellectual property rights in terms of shared use (names of researchers involved at host country and external users) in scientific papers  and eventually project proposal originated from the datasets collected at the infrastructure are needed.

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