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Improvement of silvicultural practises testing different treatments about some main species of the middle Apennine (Quercus cerris, Fagus sylvatica, Abies alba).

Maintainance and management of forest genetic resources collections in situ and ex situ (Abies cephalonica,  Abies Alba, Pinus halepensis, Pinus radiata, Pinus brutii, Pinus eldarica, Quercus cerris, Prunus avium, Alnus nigra, Alnus cordata).

Development of methods and DSS/GIS based tools (ProgettoBosco Assestamento e ProgettoBosco Territorio - to support monitoring, planning and management of multifunctional forests at property and landscape level. The goals within multi-scale forest planning are: support public participation and stakeholders involvement, integrate with certification procedures, participation processes, EU-guidelines Nature 2000, etc.., find reliable tools and methods for  assessing forest different functions (monetary and non-monetary), implement transparent and retraceable procedures in order to produce efficient and easily updateable  information systems, provide alternative solutions to support policy makers’ decisions

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