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  • Theoretical development and verification in the practice of innovative criteria and methods to ensuring the bio-ecological functioning of forest ecosystems, the conservation of types and levels of diversity, the environmental protection, the qualification and valorization of wood and non-wood productions, the services inherent to semi-natural forests and afforestations
  • Assessment of silvicultural systems in accordance with the adaptive management approach and with single tree-oriented silviculture
  • Optimization of Carbon sequestration and stocking ability in the standing crop and into forest soil to ensuring the natural role of mitigation to changing climate occurrence
  • Improvement by silvicultural practices of adaptive ability and resistance/ resilience of forest ecosystems
  • Recovery by silvicultural practices of semi-natural forests in the post-cultivation phase
  • Recovery by silvicultural practices of degraded forests and of protective reafforestations
  • Providing guidance of best practice for natural afforestations following rural abandonment
  • Managing ratios between silvicultural systems and non-wood productions

Researchers involved: G. Fabbio, P. Cantiani, A. Cutini, M.C. Manetti, F. Pelleri

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