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name and surname   Gianfranco Fabbio
positionresearch manager

Main current fields and topics of interest 


Applied research in silviculture and forest management

Dynamics of tree populations under different silvicultural systems and no more-managed (post-cultivation phase). Establishment and dynamics of stand structure. Analysis of inter-tree competition. Relationships between types/levels of biodiversity and silviculture at the stand level. Accomplishment of adaptive management strategies and silvicultural practices addressed to: (i) the pro-active design of management options under longer permanence of standing crop; (ii) the multipurpose management of forests formerly devoted to timber production according to the maximum yield rotation; (iii) ensure forest “health and vitality” throughout the full stand life-time; (iv) manage carbon sequestration and stock ability, i.e. address forest function to the own mitigation role; (v) maintain and enhance self-adaptation and inherent resistance/resilience; (vi) adapt traditional silvicultural operations to the emerging issue of getting economically feasible but ecologically sustainable forest management practices; (vii) develop criteria and indicators of best management practice; (viii) provide the consistent and lasting supply of goods and services. 

Intensive forest monitoring

Forest growth assessment within Pan-European Programme ICP-Forests ICP-IM, Forest Focus Reg., Life+ FutMon (1996-2011) and National funding (2011-2013). Use of tree radial growth as response variable to the modified growth environment i.e. physics and chemistry of atmosphere and soil. Analysis of growth trend and growth layering according to stand structure in long-term monitoring networks and different forest types. 

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Projects in progress

- ManForCBD (2010-15) - Managing forests for multiple purposes: carbon, biodiversity and socio-economic wellbeing. LIFE+09 ENV/IT/000078. Partner and Resp. of working group CRA, Actions Analysis, Design and implementation of forest management options.

- SMART4Action (2014-18) - Sustainable monitoring and reporting to inform forest and environmental awareness and protection. LIFE+13 ENV/IT/000813. (Partner)

- CFS (2011-15) Convenzioni annuali di ricerca per Attività di monitoraggio intensivo sulla rete italiana di livello 2


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