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The Forestry Research Centre originates in 1922 as Royal Experimental Station of Silviculture joined to the chair of the Royal Institution for Upper Education in Forestry of Firenze (Italy). Aldo Pavari, eminent scientist and teacher at the University of Firenze was the first director from 1922 up to his death in 1960. The direction was then held by Ernesto Allegri, distinguished forest botanist up to 1972. The Experimental Station was rearranged into Experimental Institution for Silviculture with head offices in Arezzo and local branches in Firenze, Isernia and Cosenza by law enforcement in 1967. From 1972 up to 1995 the position of director was held by Riccardo Morandini, who defined new goals and reformed both inner structure and research programme, renewing the experimental approach to forest sciences. Directors in charge were first Augusto Tocci (1995 to 2004) and then Emilio Amorini (2005 to 2012). Since 1999, the Experimental Institution for Silviculture became the Forestry Research Centre, following the reform of former Research Institutions under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture into Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (C.R.A.). Current director is Fulvio Ducci.

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Aldo Pavari1924 - 1960
Ernesto Allegri1961 - 1972
Riccardo Morandini   1973 - 1995
Francesco Iovino1995
Augusto Tocci1996 - 2004
Emilio Amorini2005 - 2012
Paolo Storchi2012 - 2013
Piermaria Corona2013-2017
Fulvio Ducci2017
Piermaria Corona2017
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  • the clear perception of forest issues and scale of related problems
  • their integration in the territorial context
  • the close links with economical and societal changes
  • the dynamical vision of forest management
  • the experimental method
  • the problem solving-oriented approach
  • the proposal of solutions feasible in the practice
  • the transfer of research outputs
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