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With the decree n. 57 of April 6th 2017 by the Extraordinary Commissioner Dr. Salvatore Parlato, since 1st of May 2017, 12 Research Centres of the Council for Research in Agriculture and the Analysis of the Agricultural Economy are being established as set out in the "Plan of Efforts to increase the organizational and economic efficiency, aimed at the aggregation, reduction and rationalization of CREA structures". This is an important step for CREA which becomes now the largest Italian research organization in agriculture.

This change is even more significant for the whole staff involved in the different sides of research on forestry. Indeed, among the research centres is also set up the Research Centre for Forestry and Wood, headquarter in Arezzo. Its basic research structures are:


CREA-SEL - Forestry Research Centre, Arezzo

CREA-SAM - Research Unit on Mediterranean Silviculture, Rende (CS)

CREA-MPF - Research Unit for forest monitoring and planning, Trento 

CREA-PLF - Research Unit for Intensive Wood Production,Casale Monferrato (AL)


The new Research Centre will take on the professional skills of some 100  staff people employed in manifold research projects. There are about 30 researchers attending different working groups according to the research needs in the set of forestry disciplines, from genetics to genetic improvement, from silviculture and ecology to intensive forest tree farming, from planning to monitoring and forest inventories. All of them together provide the critical mass and the structure to better compete at national and international level.


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Access to the database of tree species and accessions growing in the Historical Dendrological Arboretum of Vallombrosa (since 1861)

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Access to the database of experimental historical protocols of the former Arezzo Experimental Institute for Silvicuture (now CREA-FL)

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Presentations of the workshop "Gestione dei boschi cedui oltreturno: avanzamenti tecnico scientifici e applicazioni operative" are now available

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Presentations of the workshop "Modalità di progettazione e conduzione delle Piantagioni Policicliche" are now available

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Presentations of the workshop "Gestione integrata e multifunzionale dei cedui di castagnoare now available

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The Forestry research centre coordinates the LIFE project "Shaping future forestry for sustainable coppices in southern Europe: the legacy of past management trials"



The Forestry research centre is involved as Italian scientific representative (MC members) to COST Action  FP1403 “Non-native tree species for european forests - experiences, risks and opportunities"



Sustainable Monitoring And Reporting To Inform Forest and Environmental Awareness and Protection

(SMART4Action project)


Visit the SelPiBioLife project's site


Brochure of Research Centre for Forestry and Wood is now available